Olivite Export,
committed to the countryside

Olivite Export,
committed to the countryside

Olivite Export is a company that specialises in exporting olive oil all over the world. The project is based on the combined experience of the Juan Ballester Roses Sucesores family business, with more than 150 years’ activity in the olive-growing sector, and five cooperatives from Les Terres de l’Ebre that date back more than a hundred years.

Our products comply with the highest standards of quality, traceability and food safety and boast European certifications that bear witness to the dietary and gastronomic virtues of our EVOO.

From the fields to the table

The utmost care and attention is ensured throughout the production process, which is painstakingly controlled from the choice of the raw materials to their processing.

Mediterranean diet

Olive oil is a healthy food that’s always to be found in the kitchen and on the table, and it’s also a universe of colours, aromas and flavours that are typical of the Mediterranean diet.

Tradition and innovation

We look towards the future by investing heavily in the gastronomic and oenological excellence of our region.

Genuine olive oils

Our olives are selected to obtain the oil with the best taste by using eco-sustainable resources and genuine products.

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