Company core values

For the production of a high-quality product, our project relies on three key values: agriculture, processing, and packaging. The three essential ingredients allow us to maintain the highest standards of quality, traceability, and food safety throughout the process of making, marketing, and exporting our olive oil for use in the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.


Olive-growing is the activity upon which our business is founded; year after year, the farmers in our area work in harmony with one another while caring for the environment and ensuring the quality of this unique and iconic item in the Mediterranean diet.

Our oils experience assiduous attention from the flowering of the olive to its harvesting in the field and its transformation into olive oil. Our motto is “from the fields to the table”.

In order to ensure that this entire process runs smoothly, we employ a team of agronomists, tasters who specialize in olive oil and a laboratory which monitors all the processes in order to select the highest quality olive oil.

Processing and packaging

At Olivite Export, all products that we market have been thoroughly inspected. Through the experience and expertise of our employees along with our state-of-the-art facilities, we are able to offer our customers the highest standards of quality, traceability, and food safety.

Our laboratory has a technical team that conducts extensive R&D to ensure we meet the demands and requirements of our customers and optimize the production processes to create a high-quality product.

In this respect, in our refining facilities, we obtain an olive oil free from any flavour, smell, acidity, or colour. This allows us to meet the demands of our customers in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, while also following the essential health and environmental requirements.

In addition to providing solutions to our customers, we also provide them with technical assistance.


We specialize in exporting olive oil worldwide, developing long-term relationships based on trust with all of our customers.

These commercial connections have contributed to the generation of specific know-how, as we have had to develop products suited to the requirements of each market.