Company core values

Our project is based on three key values to ensure a high-quality product: agriculture, processing and packaging and sales. These three essential ingredients enable us to offer the highest standards of quality, traceability and food safety throughout the process of making, marketing and exporting our olive oil for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.


Olive-growing is the activity upon which our business relies; year after year, the farmers in the area work in harmony together, caring for the environment and prioritising the quality of this unique and iconic product in the Mediterranean diet.

Our oils receive assiduous accompaniment from the flowering of the olive to its harvesting in the fields and its transformation into olive oil. Our motto is “from the fields to the table”.

To ensure that this entire process comes to fruition, we have a team of agronomists, tasters specialising in olive oil and a laboratory capable of monitoring all the processes in order to select the olive oil of the highest quality.

Processing and packaging

At Olivite Export we perform thorough inspections of the product that we market. As a result of the experience and professional capacity of our employees and our state-of-the-art facilities, we can offer our customers the highest standards of quality, traceability and food safety.

We have our own laboratory with a technical team that conducts a large amount of R&D development to enable us to meet our customers’ demands and requirements and optimise the production processes so as to obtain a high-quality product.

In this regard, in our refining facilities we obtain an olive oil that’s free of any flavour, smells, acidity or colour, allowing us to work with the demands of our customers in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors in mind while meeting the health and environmental requirements that are vital for the smooth running of our activity.

We provide solutions for all our customers and we also cooperate closely with them by providing technical advice.


Our company specialises in exporting olive oil all over the world, forging long-lasting relationships of trust with all our customers.

These commercial ties have contributed to the generation of specific know-how, as we’ve had to develop a product suited to the singularities of each market.