Integrated management system policy

Since its foundation, OLIVITE EXPORT SL has aimed to satisfy the needs of its customers by providing harmless and quality olive oils (both virgin and extra virgin), as well as refined olive oils, in compliance with legal, regulatory, and other customer requirements. To achieve this, a strict Integrated Management System based on FSSC 22000 and ISO 14001 standards is implemented, which allows for enhancing food safety levels and ensuring product safety, efficient use of technical and economic resources, and continuous improvement of environmental performance.
In the same way, the requirements of our customers regarding other types of certifications, such as our commitment to providing products compliant with the Specific Laws of the Muslim and Jewish Community, which meet the Halal and Kosher Certification requirements, are taken into account. The company’s objective is evident and defined through the integrated management system policy based on four fundamental pillars: Seriousness, technical capability, service, and commitment to the environment.


At OLIVITE EXPORT SL, we are aware of the responsibility we have to our customers. We give great importance to achieving the characteristics and service that each of them desires, making available all the means at our disposal.

Effective communication channels are maintained with all links in the food chain that interact with the organization: customers, suppliers, competent health administration, etc. We ensure that internal communication aligns with what is described in the System Manual with the aim of ensuring food safety hazard prevention processes and thus avoiding deviations and/or nonconformities in the product served.

Technical Capability

We have our production facilities that allow for appropriate hygiene practices, a solid industrial base in constant renewal, supported by continuous investment in machinery, analysis methods, and production processes.


Based on a commitment to maximum customer attention and adaptation to their needs, we pay utmost attention to resolving our customers’ technical problems and meeting delivery commitments.

Commitment to the Environment

Olivite Export SL is committed to environmental protection, including pollution prevention, responsible consumption of resources, optimizing processes to minimize energy consumption, and reducing emissions resulting from our processes. We ensure the minimization of generated waste and its proper management.